Bermuda Gas is the number one supplier of propane gas for homes throughout the Island.

We supply residences across the Island with 100lb & 31lb RESi-LITE propane gas cylinders as well as bulk gas deliveries. For years Bermuda’s residents have depended on our residential gas systems to fuel their gas cooking ranges, clothes dryers, water heaters, fireplaces and space heaters.

In addition, barbecue cylinders are readily available at Gorhams and RUBiS Service Stations, Island wide.
Bermuda Gas is committed to ensuring you receive the very best in personalized Customer Service.

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Our Customer Service Team is here to help you with account openings, gas orders, account queries and any other assistance you may need.

Ernest Marshall – Sales & Customer Service Manager
Direct: 299-2838 or 325-1812
Fax: 295-8311 Email: emarshall@bermudagas.bm
Jonathan Boyles – Customer Service Representative
Direct: 299-7036
Email: jboyles@bermudagas.bm
Main Customer Service Representative
Direct: 295-3111
Email: info@bermudagas.bm
Gas Sales

Information regarding residential gas usage can be found below along with how to place gas orders for residential or bulk gas refills.

Our new RESi-LITE Cylinders has great benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly & rust free.
  • Lightweight.
  • No more calling & waiting for deliveries. Simply exchange the Resi-Lite at any participating RUBiS Station (Robinson’s Marina, Warwick South Shore & Terceira’s North Shore).
  • Transparent design so you NEVER run out of gas again.
  • The RESi-LITE can be used for your kitchen, BBQ, or fireplace.
  • Gives you relief on your budget & cashflow.

We also encourage our residential customers to use one 100lb cylinder at any given time and one 31lb cylinder acting as a reserve unit.

Emergency orders can be made for an additional service charge of $20, guaranteeing a delivery being made the next working day for your convenience.

All 100lb cylinders are the property of Bermuda Gas and are inspected, tested and maintained by the Company for the safety of our customer. Bermuda Gas reserves the right to replace a cylinder after 18 months.

For your convenience, Composite BBQ cylinders (17lb) are available through our Cylinder Exchange Program at Gorhams and RUBiS Service Stations:

Bulk Gas Information

If a bulk tank is installed, Bermuda Gas will regularly check and top up your tank as needed, normally every 30 or 180 days depending on projected consumption.

For residential customers who wish to order gas in bulk quantities, Bermuda Gas will gladly conduct a free site survey to determine whether or not a bulk propane system is permitted on your site, what size of tank you require as well as the best location for your bulk tank,  meeting industry standards and codes.

Bulk tanks for residential use range in size from 50 gallons to 1900 gallons, when exceptional consumption is anticipated i.e. to heat a large pool or to run a standby electricity generator. If a bulk tank is installed, Bermuda Gas will regularly check and top up your tank as needed; normally every 30 or 180 days depending on estimated consumption.

Contact our Gas Sales Department on 295-3111

For afterhours gas emergencies, contact us on 298-6114