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Propane offers an excellent alternative to electricity due to its high efficiency, convenience and low cost. Propane is clean burning and reliable, but most importantly, switching to propane can reduce your energy bill by as much as 30%! Visit our Propane Facts page to find more ways propane can benefit you.

Propane is an approved ‘clean’ fuel, listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992, as it emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuels, like gasoline and diesel, and is non-toxic.

Our Environmental Benefits page contains more information on propane’s environmental qualities.

Propane is valued for its efficiency and cost effectiveness as well as its speed and convenience. From cooking ranges to clothes dryers, propane appliances offer highly economical and effective alternatives to their electric counterparts. Take a look at our Cutting Costs page to find out more.

Making the switch is easy! Click here to find out how.

Propane is widely considered to be a very safe and easy-to-handle fuel, and because of its high ignition point, it is very difficult to set alight accidentally in the event of a leak. Propane is colorless and odorless; thus a special chemical is added to give propane its distinct smell, making it easier to detect

All 100lb cylinders are the property of Bermuda Gas and are maintained and replaced by certified Bermuda Gas technicians. Simply call 295-3111 to have your cylinders refilled or replaced.

All Cylinders are owned outright by Bermuda Gas and can only be filled at the RUBiS St. George’s Depot in Ferry Reach. Composite BBQ Cylinders (17lb) are available through our Cylinder Exchange Program at the following RUBiS Service Stations. BBQ cylinders are also available for purchase and exchange at Gorhams. Forklift cylinders are also available at the following RUBiS Service Stations: East Broadway, Terceira’s North Shore and Warwick South Shore Stations.

You must have a Bermuda Gas account in order to purchase 100lb cylinders or bulk propane for your home or business. To start a Bermuda Gas account, follow the instructions found on our New Account Sign-up page. Orders can then be placed in person, by telephone, and via email. More information can be found on our Order Gas page.

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