Our Network

TBi’s high-capacity, sub-sea network is configured as a bi-directional, self-healing ring. This design provides all TBi’s customers with complete network redundancy and high-speed, high-quality voice, network access, internet, and managed IT services between Bermuda, its international points-of-presence, and its internet access partners. To support TBi’s commitment to maintaining a reliable and redundant network, we provide our clients with industry-standard Service Level Agreements in addition to unparalleled customer service.

TBi’s network currently has three points of presence (“PoP”) with facilities located in St. David’s, Bermuda; New York City, New York; and Miami, Florida. TBi designed its network and operational facilities to be scalable and has invested in state-of-the-art network components that support its client’s expansion requirements and new product development initiatives.